Ship & Globe





I’ve been hooked onto Kae Sun’s Ship and Globe, which was featured  in the 2014 K-drama, It’s Okay It’s Love. It is one of my favourite drama as it sheds some light and awareness about mental illness in South Korea. It’s a heartwarming one that I like to binge watch once in a while. Plus, the playlist is totally on point.

This particular song has always been a ear- worm for me. I’ve wondered what got me hooked. As soon as I read up on Kae’s interview, I could immediately relate.

It’s about intimacy, and it’s about distance and the dance between closeness and separation. It doesn’t have to be a romantic love. It could be about pursuing any passion. There are moments when you wake up and feel that you don’t want to make music ever again. And then, the next moment, it’s all you want to do.


Hope you enjoyed this post ! Have a great week xx

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Shirt : Glassworks

Flared Jeans : Thrifted

Heels : Nude Heels from Kurt Geiger // Leopard Heels from Topshop

Sunnies : Projekt Projekt

Necklace : H&M

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Violette Truong

You are black gold








In 2012, Esperanza Spalding released a beautiful song called “Black Gold” to celebrate Black History Month. Although I am not of African descent, I found this song incredibly uplifting and empowering. This outfit is a little tribute to remind one to “hold your head as high as you can” even if “life sometimes is cold and cruel.” 

No matter what you are going through, remember that you are strong enough to conquer any of the curveballs life throws at you.

Think of all the strength you have in you

xx S

Outfit Details 

Sunnies – Projekt Projekt

Necklace – H&M

Dress – Tezenis

Boots – H&M


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