Blue Ruin

                This is an outfit inspired by my all-time favourite movie,             Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind directed by Michel Gondry. As soon as I saw this over-sized jumper I immediately thought of Clementine Krucynski’s bold hair colour, Blue Ruin. I’m not bold enough to dye my hair in bright, daring colours like Clementine. But every time I rewatch this film for the umpteenth time, I always find myself identifying with her spontaneity, creativity, reckless and fiery personality.

When Clementine dyes her hair in  the colour ‘Blue Ruin’, she’s in the process of erasing the existence of a painful love from her memory. It’s a representation of starting at a clean slate, coming to terms of the loss and confusion of self-identity. Her hair becomes a symbol of transition and change throughout the film. I know the moral of the movie is to reveal that our painful experiences shape the person we are today. As much as I love the film, sometimes I still wish it were possible to erase certain memories and people from my memory.

If you could erase a certain event or person from your memory, would you? Why would you? Or why wouldn’t you?


Fisherman cap: Portobello Road Market

Blue Jumper: Zara

Skirt: Hongdae Railway shops in Korea (similar)

                                     Thigh highs: Vintage Giuseppi Zanotti at                                          Mary’s Living and Giving Westbourne Grove (similar)


Ciaran Christopher 


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