Channeling my B-Jessi


All images provided by Jonathan Mcfeat

If you know me, ya’ll know I have a obsession with Jessi Oh, a Korean-American rapper and singer. At times I contemplate whether I am fully straight. Like woman, how perfect can you be?  She’s hot, sexy, strong, tough and fierce. Jessi also possesses effortless swag and is a true inspiration as a woman, rapper and artist.

If you check out her Instagram, you’ll notice that she also possessed impeccable, bold style, sporting a lot of crop tops, figure hugging items, And boy can she pull of athleisure!  As you can see I can go on and on gushing about my girl crush. So go check out her instagram!


Top – Sophia Top by The Naked Tiger 

Pants – Topshop (similar)

Sneakers – ASOS (similar)

Sunnies – Vedi Vero (similar)

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