Tie the knot in black & white




This year I’ve had a few wedding invites. As I rummaged through my closet, I realised that the majority of my dresses were all black or white. I love black as much as any other musician. After all we automatically gravitate towards black clothing for concerts, auditions and gigs. I do like the white dresses in my closet but I am aware that head-to-toe white dress is only reserved for the bride.

I was determined to find a dress that pushed my limited repertoire of black and white attire for this joyful occasion. So I bought this one from Alannah Hill. Yes I know I am hypocrite.. Didn’t I just ramble on about  NO black & white?  You can’t blame a girl for choosing a fail-proof colour palette. Besides I just use the excuse that I am a pianist and don’t have enough black and white in my life! Despite my own reservations, I though this dress could work for a wedding. The bold contrast of black and white can be toned down with a textural layer of lace. Even though this dress has little glimpses of white, I think this dress still fits the dress code while bending a few rules!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

xx Sabina


Outfit Details

Dress : Alannah Hill

(The one I wore is out of stock, but here is a similar one)

Heels – Michael Kors



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